Visiting Cancun - What to See and Do

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Cancun has grown into one of Mexico's most dynamic tourist destinations. The city is the crowning glory of the Riviera Maya, a renowned beach region sparkling upon the Yucatan Peninsula. Blessed with a stunning climate during the absence of the rainy season, Cancun can sweep travellers off their feet before they barely get started.

The premier attractions of this Yucatan jewel revolve around the glamorous beaches and warm crystal waters that fringe the city. This area of Mexico also boasts archaeological marvels that will intrigue tourists, including many ancient Mayan ruins. Despite the tourist-centred zones and traveller-filled sightseeing landmarks, Cancun boasts a quintessentially Mexican downtown area. Culture vultures are in for a real treat here.

Exploring the market places and haggling with local merchants is an impressive part of a Cancun getaway. Beach massages and exotic hotel spas wait for tourists looking to unwind. After the sun goes down, experience the city's world-famous nightlife. The sights and sounds that radiate from the streets after sunset will astound all visitors, young and old.

Ten things you must do in Cancun

  • Take the family to Cancun Aquarium for a few hours. This interactive attraction is more than just a few tanks with swimming fish. Visitors can actually pet a range of wild marine animals, including dolphins, devil rays, nurse sharks and starfish, plus many more. For a little extra cash, patrons of the aquarium may swim with dolphins in the large dolphin tank onsite.
  • The El Rey Mayan Ruins attraction takes visitors back thousands of years to the ancient Mayan civilisation. Located within the centre of the city's bustling hotel zone, these ruins should seem out of place, but actually add an extra bit a flavour to Cancun's marvellous tourist menu. Guided tours aren't necessary, as tourists can simply walk from their hotel and explore the ancient remains of a once flourishing settlement.
  • Cancun is renowned for several features, and one is its beaches. Imagine powdery coral sand stretched before shimmering turquoise water. That comes close to the beauty of the city's beaches. It is also possible to purchase a range of goods from beach vendors, including sarongs, jewellery and food. Haggle over the price to get a good deal.
  • Swimming with dolphins would have to be the highlight of every child's Mexican holiday. That is, of course, if they can experience it. If they don't, it wouldn't be the fault of the city, as Cancun boasts several dolphin-swimming opportunities, including those at the aquarium, the Wet'n'Wild theme park, Dolphin Discovery and Delphinus Dreams.
  • Test those negotiation skills while market shopping in the city. There are two or three memorable markets to shop. Market 28 is the largest and most energetic market place in the city. Whatever you are looking to buy, don't accept the first offer. It may seem strange at first, but bargaining with the merchants is part of the local culture. However, these guys are experts, so stay strong and always haggle with a smile.
  • The Nichupte Lagoon is the place to go for a boat cruise or a more thrilling jet-ski ride. Lobster dinner cruises are available after sunset, or alternatively, take a power boat or jet-ski from the lagoon and hit the area's best snorkeling / scuba diving sites. The Nichupte Lagoon is spacious and welcomes a huge number of water lovers daily.
  • Car enthusiasts will be seduced by the Exotic Rides Cancun tour. Beautiful sports cars, some of which are amongst the world's most expensive and powerful, take motor-heads around the Cancun racetrack. Try flooring a Ferrari, or salivating behind the wheel of a luscious Lamborghini. Of course, the cost isn't cheap, but this experience is absolutely priceless.
  • Swing the clubs at one of the city's magnificent courses. Golf is a common practice within the city, which is why several championship links are found here. The Jack Nicklaus Signature Course and the Riviera Golf Course are two of the more famed spots for golf. The surrounding Mexican landscape makes this golfing experience quite unique.
  • Spas are a rejuvenating part of Cancun's tourism trade, with more than two-dozen wonderful spa treatment services found throughout the city. Plenty of hotels offer spa services. However, none of these come close to the breathtakingly surreal beach spas on offer. A choice of half-body, full-body wraps and skin treatments can be arranged.
  • Beaches are one attraction, but the city's nightlife undoubtedly stands at the top of its tourism echelon. Within the Hotel Zone, there are clubs and pubs bursting at the seams with electric crowds swaying to the phenomenal DJ talent. Yaxchilan Avenue is another dynamic hotspot for night entertainment. This is where the locals tend to haunt after the sun goes down. However, you don't have to speak Spanish to have a great night here.

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